My images are portraits and self-portraits photographed in natural and humanized places where I study the behaviour of the human body as an identity in each of these places, where the body has the main focus. Every piece is photographed with a digital camera, and they’re always part of a series and not a unique piece. These works have a big surrealist influence because of the body positions and because of the way it relates with what surrounds it. All these images have common characteristics, such as the lightly color desaturation, the use of texture, patterns and a lot of color.


Human Camouflage

On this project, I’ve tried to camouflage a human body on a humanized place by using prints and textures. This body, without an identity, represents the way we’re connected to the material stuff that surrounds us every day physically and emotionally that sometimes can take us far away from our identity. This project it’s all about artificiality, the artificiality of the body positions, that represents his struggle to camouflage and be a part of whatever he’s surrounded by as well as the artificially of the light. The way this body looks so uncomfortable, and the struggle he has trying to camouflage though objects, clothes and wallpapers, show that nonsense necessity to be materialistic. Again, this project represents our materialistic self, that sometimes get us a little lost with who we truly are. At the same time, questions how time influences the objects and the human body, and how it transforms them. The absence of the model’s face has to do with the construction of our identity that changes so many times through our life, which means that he will never know who he truly is and he cannot relate with what surrounds him. This project is undoubtedly a romanticized form of the reality of the cycle of life, where time is an important issue since it has the power of transformation, it can change over and over again during our life as well as it can corrode us turn into dust.



These series, are about the process of finding ourselves and they question our identity through life and how time transforms us physically and psychologically. All the images were photographed between nature because we’re so connected once we are made by the same magic, because when we die we transform on earth and then we are born from the earth again, and these series are all about this cycle and this connection that exists between the human body and the earth. 


The Headless Man