Everyday make up

Although I love watching YouTube videos and keep following my favourite beauty gurus that create the most beautiful make up looks, when it comes to daily make up I like to keep it simple. Honestly I admire everyone who has a full face of make up every day because I don’t have that kind of patience. I rarely use foundation, BB cream or any other product. On my daily make up routine I only use concealer and my favourite one is the Natural Concealer from Kiko on the shade 02, and then I use the powder Clair Light 05 from Sephora to put on top. My skin it’s not perfect but I think I’m a lucky girl on certain things.

When it comes to eye make up, the wing liner is an essential and I love the Lipliner Ink on the shade Jet Black from H&M. Even though if I scratch my eye it’s most likely to come out, but if I don’t touch my eye it can stay all day without fall outs and the best thing about it is how cheap and how good it is. Honestly I don’t really like wasting too much money on make up (even if I can’t keep myself from lusting over everything that’s new at Sephora). Obviously the mascara runs along with the eyeliner and although I’ve tried a lot of mascaras I still couldn’t find one that I completely love as I love the eyeliner. Right now I’m using the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara from Kiko and honestly I’m gonna keep searching. I love the look of spidery lashes maybe because they have something so sixties that I really like.

When it comes to bronzer, I love this H&M one on the shade Golden Honey, and I always wear it with the blush from KIKO on the shade 01 Velvety Peach. I don’t really like blushes with very strong colours, and this one is amazing and besides that it has such a creamy formula which it’s perfect to apply with a beauty blender. At last, when it comes to lipstick I find that all I can see on my make up bag are different shades of red, and on this case the Rosehip Jam 037 it’s the kind of red I love to use on my daily basis.