Ana Vieira de Castro is a portuguese photographer. She currently lives in Fafe, Portugal. Ana got a college degree in Visual Arts and Photography from Escola Superior Artística do Porto University, class of 2017. During her degree, Ana worked for independente clients, shooting events such as music festivals and she also worked on her personal portfolio, which is still under development. Ana participated in Guimarães Noc Noc in 2016 and 2017, a cultural event that showcases the work of artists in many fields. She also took part in a group exhibition in 2016 called “Cultura d’Imediato”, which took place in Armazém da Alfândega in Porto, as well as “When Deadline Becomes Form” in 2017 on her university. In November 2016, Ana is selected by the editors at Photo Vogue platform, at Vogue Italia, and travels to Milan to have her portfolio reviewed by professionals of the field. In 2017, she is nominated by the local newspaper, Notícias de Fafe, for the Ardina d’Ouro award, that recognizes the achievments of Fafe’s natives in various fields – in her case, the Arts category. Some of her projects have been shared by Organica Magazine, Pawn Magazine, Austere Magazine and Paradise Magazine on Instagram, and the tumblr of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art also shared one of her images. She also had some projects published on Stop Magazine, Art of Portrait Magazine and PUMP Magazine where she also got featured on the cover. Ana Vieira de Castro has given some interviews, where she shared her work and professional journey with the audience.



“Human Camouflage” project published on Stop Magazine issue 2, 2017;

Project published on PUMP Magazine The Fantasy Minimalism Edition, 2017;

Image selected for the cover of PUMP Magazine The Fantasy Minimalism Edition, 2017;

Project published on Art of Portrait issue 5 pt. 2, 2017;

“Human Camouflage” project published on Create! Magazine website, 2017;

“Human Camouflage” project published on Museé Magazine website, 2017;

Instagrams features at Organica Magazine, Pawn Magazine, Paradise Magazine, Austere Magazine, Plank Magazine, Museé Magazine and Create! Magazine;

Featured images on the Best Of of Photo Vogue platform on Vogue Italia website;

“Human Camouflage” project published on iGnant, 2018.

“Human Camouflage” project published on Begin Magazine website, 2018;

“Human Camouflage” project published on Rocketlight Magazine, January 2018;

Image selected for the cover of Rocketight Magazine, January 2018.



E: anavieiradcastro@gmail.com

F: @anamvcastro  / I: @anavieira.castro / Photo Vogue Portfolio