My journey so far

I always knew I was not a science person. I was always really bad at maths, I never liked physics and I never liked sports. I guess my interest for art began on high school (although I’ve studied literature all through those 3 years). At the time I was already super interested in portuguese literature and music but I never knew what I really wanted to do with my life. But there was always something inside me that knew that I wanted to pursue art. The only reason I didn’t study art in high school was because we didn’t have that option on the high school I went to, but I don’t regret studying literature because that’s something that I really like as well and that has growned on me.

On my senior year it was time to choose what to do next and I felt completely lost. I knew I wanted to study art but I didn’t knew what kind of art I wanted. So I decided to take a three year degree on a university that had a bit of everything inside the art world: photography, cinema, graphic design, argument and sound. I went crazy. One year after I decided that I wasn’t happy where I was and that degree wasn’t for me. So, I packed my things and I moved out. Again, I was super lost and I didn’t knew what I wanted to do exactly but this time I definitely knew what I didn’t want to do. I don’t know exactly where my interest for photography began but it was always something really close to me and that I always liked. At the time I never thought I was going to make a living out of it (I still don’t, I want to try a lot of stuff and this is all part of the process). So on the next year I started a degree on Visual Arts and Photography that completely changed my life. Since my first year, my professors taught me to look at the world from a different point of view. They challenged us with projects that we had to work on through conceptual art and (if we wanted to) through photography. It’s interesting to look back and to think how many times I thought my professors were completely insane to think that I could develop a project based on a such silly or random subject.

Before my degree I was never suuuuper interested in photography. I only knew that I liked photography and as I learned more about art I started to look at photography in a different way. A way of expressing myself. That’s what photography is for me. Now with everything that I have learnt and most importantly with what I continue to learn, I want to develop more projects about identity (which I’ve been working all through university and I will write a post about why do I insist on working on it). I want to read more, to learn more to search more and make something that I’ll be completely proud of. For me it’s an amazing experience working on a project with everything that I have, put all of my ideas, fears and frustrations there. Looking at the final result for me it’s like medicine. A momentary cure for my frustrations and a step closer to a conclusion or final result (or not?).

Right now my life has completely changed again. Last year by September I started a master degree that two months later I decided it was not for me so I started to look for a job (I might right a post about my experience on jobs interview a some tips). And yes, after a few months I finally got the job I wanted as a photographer. I’m learning and growing a lot as a person and as a  professional and I’m enjoying every moment. My days are now completely full and I barely have time for myself but one thing is for sure: I enjoy every free time that I have a lot more than I did before. So when I got back from Rome I started to work right on the next day and I started to work on a new project as well. A project that I’m putting my heart and soul into where everything is very well thought. With this I started to dedicate my free time to my creativity and to my website that I want to work on so badly and I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you!

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