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I have a LOT of inspirations when it comes to photography. One of my biggest influences is the surrealism vanguard what became the basis of my work when I started photographing and creating. I was always completely fascinated by surrealism and everything that involves it. I mean when you look to a Magritte’s painting you always end up thinking what the f am I looking at? What does this mean? What is the message behind it and what is the painter trying to say? It’s really fascinating for me looking at paintings and wonder why is it the way is it and this is something I wanted for my work. René Magritte is my favourite surrealist painter as well as Max Ernst, Dalí and Miró. Besides that Mondrian, Yves Klein, Kandinsky are big inspirations as well when it comes to abstract and contemporary art. Of course it all depends of what I want to shoot but overall these are my main art inspirations. For example, lately I’ve been getting super inspired by renaissance and rococo art. I’ve been working on a new project super inspired by portraits from that time where everything is so over the top, especially the clothing what I find fascinating as well as the posing and backgrounds full of wallpapers and flowers.

Though I know my images are pretty cohesive my inspirations are always changing.  There was a time where I only did abstract and minimalistic images, and there was another time where I was only interested on surrealistic images where the body had the main focus. And through these times I never or rarely shoot faces and right now I’m more interested than ever on shooting faces and beautiful portraits with a lot of colour, vintage feelings and painting inspiration. But in spite of everything  here are some of my all time favorite artists/photographers: Synchrodogs (one of my biggest inspirations), Gioconda and August, Romina Ressia, Maise Cousins, Jimmy Marble, Brooke DiDonato, Paul Jung, Giuseppe Palmisano, Guy Bourdin, Maria Svasbová, Kelsey McClellan, Harley Weir (another of my biggest inspirations), Polly Penrose, Coco Capitán, Ren Hang, and Shae DeTar. All of these amazing artists have they’re name linked to they’re Instagram page so you can check them out. They inspire me when it comes to posing, styling, editing, lighting…everything.

Here are other photographers, artists, magazines, editors and creators that I really love when it comes to daily inspiration: Chiara Nonino, Francesca Marini, iGnant, Carlota Winder, Clo, Martina Matencio, Somewhere MagazineAesthetica Magazine, SSAW, Wonderland Magazine, If you leave, Acreati, Arianna Lago, Carlota Guerrero and Michela Caprera.

Hopefully I’m not forgetting anyone and I hope you get as inspired as I.

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Photography Beatriz Gonçalves

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