Where my inspiration comes from / How my creative process works

My creative mind is always on alert. I’m always looking for inspiration and I’m always getting it from everywhere. Whether that be on Instagram; from taking a walk around the city looking for places to shoot; going to art exhibitions; from fashion or photography magazines; from books, or even when I’m trying to fall asleep (weird but I’ll get to that later). The truth is you can get inspiration from everywhere and everything you just have to know how to process it.

I always try to keep my mind as inspired as possible by keeping my eyes on good content with easy access which for me is very important. My favorite place to get easy access to inspiration is Instagram where I follow all of my favorite photographers, artists, magazines, bloggers, models, influencers etc (and there’s a blog post coming up about all of my references). I try to keep my feed free of any kind of spam so every post I see has the good content I’m always looking for. Besides that I’m always looking for inspiration on online platforms or magazines and there are so many featuring the work of so many amazing creatives! Like Wonderland Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Schon Magazine, Ignant, Photo Vogue, SFMOMA, Metal Magazine, Dazed, Aesthetica Magazine etc.

I collect everything I can find online that inspires me and I put in on a folder on my computer where all my references are. And if there’s something that has inspired me to the point where I want to create something based on that, I always ask myself: What can I do with this that is going to make my work unique? And how is this going to help me? This is really important because you want your work to reflect yourself and your ideas. So I always take my references as a starting point and based on that I create something completely new. And the most important thing you have to do is to be yourself as lame as it might seem because all of your experiences and inspirations are unique. YOU are unique so of course your work will be unique too!

Another thing I always do is writing everything down. Since I can get inspired by anything there’s also a 50% chance I’m going to forget something. So I write everything down even if it seems crazy or non sense, It might be useful later. This happens a lot when I’m trying to fall asleep.That’s when a big part of my great ideas show up and I’m always to lazy to write them down because I always think I’ll remember them in the morning but I don’t. That’s when my cell phone, or a piece of paper and a pen get useful. A while ago I discovered a photography project about having great ideas while falling asleep but unfortunately I can’t remember the artist. The project was about how our creative mind is more alert when we’re relaxed because our reality starts meeting with our sub conscience and our dreams so everything seems possible. I’ve never really though about this but I think it makes sense. Besides that, once you have all of your ideias and references the next step is to start creating. At least for me. That’s when I know if what I’m doing is working or not and that’s when things can get a little frustrating.

Coat Mango | Sweater H&M | Trousers and boots Zara 

Photography Beatriz Gonçalves

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