My very first blog post

I’ve been thinking about what to write on this first blog post for the longest time and I haven’t found a specific subject to write about. But I finally set down in front of the computer and I’ve decided that it was time to start working on it. I found this first post the weirdest and hardest to write because you don’t really know what to say, so I’m gonna write a little bit about me. My name is Ana, I’m from Fafe, Portugal and I have the biggest passion for creating. I have a degree on Visual Arts and Photography and for the last three years I’ve been working on my photography portfolio where I (proudly) can see myself as an artist by creating something that could only be mine.

Although I really love being a photographer, I’ve created this blog to share things I love like clothes, ideas, inspirations, images that are personal to me, and other stuff that I enjoy but don’t belong in my Facebook or Instagram page, and that has nothing to do with the photography that I normally do where everything it’s so carefully thought.  I also want to develop other capacities like writing, and pay more attention to other things that I love, and to share people and places that inspire me and I hope to be able to inspire someone too.


Sunglasses Prada | Blazer Vintage Gianni Versace | Shirt Stradivarius | Jeans H&M | Bag Love Moschino | Shoes Zara

Photography by Margarida Lemos

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